Monday, August 14, 2017

West Virginia (part three)

And a few more photos from our annual extended family vacation...

Hippies Use Side Door - exploring Thomas, WV

Ice cream at the Purple Fiddle

Lots of attention everywhere I go!


Us too!

Riker loves to practice his photography skills with my camera whenever he gets the chance.

Our clan was bequeathed an enormous selection of beads and beading accouterments by our beloved Joan Fraser. While we miss her company in the flesh, we adore the many hours we spend making gorgeous creations together in her honor. Above is the work of Liz, Heather and I over several days. 

Sisters and sister necklaces. Once again this year, we selected matching pendants and then each crafted our own beaded necklace.

Ari loved beading with us! At one point he had beads on every limb!

Seneca Caverns

Seneca Caverns

After our tour through the caves, the boys went gemstone mining.

The experience was pretty artificial as you buy a bucket of sand stocked with gems but there were some really beautiful treasures in there and the kids seemed to really enjoy it!


Oh the faces! 

Seneca Rocks


Riker took this photo of a common vacation sight - Grandpa baking bread.

Ari flashes a smile for his brother.

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