Tuesday, August 08, 2017

West Virgina (part two)

Family photos from our week in West Virginia.

The extended clan.
Back row: Penny, Gavin, Liz, Edward, Keith, Sophia, Ross, Aaron, Jan, Brian, Riker, Carl, Jenn, Leah, Karen, Lynn, Lily, Dave
Front row: Teagan, Cael, Heather, Bill, Porter, Barbara, Ari

The grandkids

Keith and Liz and family

Heather and Aaron and family

Brian and Jenn and family

Jan and Carl and kids

Keith and Liz's crew

The "outlaws" who married into this crazy bunch.

Lynn, Lily, Dave

Dave and Lynn

Bill and Barbara

Penny and Liz

Santa Carl

Carl and Jan

Ross and Gavin

Keith and Liz

Brian and Jenn

Three generations - Jan, Heather, Teagan

Jan's girls


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