Tuesday, July 11, 2017

MGM Studios Grand Opening 1989

Years ago, Brian and I learned that we were both at Disney MGM Studios in Florida on opening day - May 1, 1989. We would have been about eleven years old at the time.

Recently, photo proof has emerged!

 Jan, Heather, Brian, Keith and Carl

Jenn (I was there with my brother Gary and sister-in-law, Bec)

I was so thrilled to find this photo album at my mom's house on our recent trip home to Minnesota. I scoured all the photos in hopes of catching a glimpse of Brian or his family in the background, but no luck. Plenty of questionable fashion choices though!

Sunday, July 09, 2017


We took a quick trip to Minnesota over the Fourth of July weekend.

A few family photos after dinner at Peter's on Lake Ripley...

Riker took the next three photos...

These two are such buddies!

The kids like to walk to the playground just down the street from Grandma Betty's house...

Picking flowers for Grandma Betty...