Friday, August 26, 2016

Little Rock Lodge

This year's annual McMillin getaway took us to Little Rock Lodge in central Ohio. We had a week of relaxing and eating delicious meals on a rural property in Amish country.

This year we opted for matching shirts that said REST, RELAX, REPEAT in an outline of Ohio. These were much less labor intensive than last year's tie-dye extravaganza! Here's our family photo.

Kid shenanigans captured during set up.

Our stay included visits from a variety of furred and feathered critters including this white peacock.

A friendly cat that Sophia really wanted to love on but needed a little guidance!

Dave, Leah, Lynne, Barbara and Jan in our giant kitchen. As usual, each family planned one evening meal so we could eat communally.

Cousins on the play set.

How many cousins can you fit on a single swing?

Sophia the intrepid explorer.

There was a robin's nest in the rafters of the porch so were able to watch the mama bring frequent meals to the nestlings.

Hungry mouths!

Riker and Edward


By the end of the week, the fledglings had taken their first flight. Snapped a quick photo while this one figured out what to do next.

Another great holiday with a great bunch of people!

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