Tuesday, April 12, 2016

From Flooring, A Bed is Born

Hey remember my awesome mahogany floor that we crafted from rough lumber?

We had some floor boards left over so Brian decided that he'd like to make our king size bed out of them. He asked me to find something to model it after and that he'd do his best to recreate it.

So I found this. It looked relatively uncomplicated and had a mosaic look to the wood which would be easy to replicate given our supply of very short floor board pieces.

And this is what he manged to create!

Not bad, eh?

Here are some detail shots of the headboard. It was constructed by gluing the tongue and groove flooring together before passing it through the planer and finishing with the side and top pieces.

Same detail and construction on the foot board.

In order to maintain the already beautiful color of the Santos Mahogany, I opted to simply finish the piece with three coats of a wipe on polyurethane.

It's a platform or European style bed frame which means it uses slat boards for support underneath the mattress. It's a beautifully simple design and eliminates the need for purchasing and then discarding and replacing a box spring.

I spent ages researching non-toxic mattresses and I'm now somewhat of an expert so if you're in the market for a mattress made of natural materials that won't off-gas into your sleeping space, let me know! I settled on a 100% natural latex mattress from Sleeping Organic.

And another overview photo, so you can see how awesome it is one more time!

Thanks Brian for your hard work on this! I think it just might be an heirloom piece. 

Now it just needs a set of dresser drawers and a couple of matching nightstands to complete the ensemble, don't you think? 

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