Saturday, December 12, 2015


We're finally in our house! Okay, we've been here for several months now but I'm finally getting around to sharing the story of the somewhat grueling journey!

We purchased the house early in 2015 and while we could have moved in straight away, we decided to do some renovations to give it our own personal 

Here are a few views of the original kitchen in all its 1990's gold glory.

Just beyond that doorway beside the refrigerator was the formal dining room. It was a nice enough space with a really cool textured design on the ceiling but we're not really formal dining sort of folk and that light carpet wasn't going to fare very well with two young boys eating over it every couple of hours!

So perfectly functional, yes. But we really wanted a more family friendly dining room, a few more cabinets and some extra prep space, fresh paint and something other than gold vinyl flooring. 


If you're going to go to the trouble of removing it and have to move an island to do so, you might as well upgrade the original builder grade cabinets. If you're going to upgrade the cabinets, you might as well reconsider their layout and hey, why not take out a wall to open the floor plan!

And so it began...

Out came the cabinets, the wall and the flooring.

And suddenly the space looked like this....

Okay, not suddenly at all.

Remember when I said I thought this might turn into a gigantic DIY endeavor? As you might imagine, removing cabinetry, tearing out a wall, moving plumbing and gas lines, tearing up floor covering and patching drywall is a HUGE undertaking. Now Brian is VERY handy and it was great to be able to invest our time into the home we expect to be in for years to come. But holy @#*! it's taken AGES!

One of the many tasks that seemed simple from the outset was going from a textured to a flat ceiling. Since a wall came out, it would be very difficult to get the textures to match up and we decided we preferred the look of a flat ceiling anyway.  So Brian scraped off all of the texture across the dining, kitchen and living room and spread "mud" onto the ceiling in order to make it flat.

Skim coating and actually getting the surface flat and smooth took many coats of joint compound and paint and a lot of time and frustration.

Removing the wall has allowed lots more light to enter the whole space and all in all we're very happy with the new open plan and updated look. But all of this was just the prep work for the foundation of the space we envisioned!

In my next post I'll walk you through the process of making a hardwood floor from scratch!

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