Thursday, November 19, 2015

Summer Fun

Returning now to that series of catch-up posts promised some weeks ago to share a collection of summer photos.

Riker expertly demonstrates the concept of leverage.

A bucket of chalk in the grandparents driveway provides hours of fun!

I find Ari having a sensory experience with the butter. Better to grab the camera than to get mad!

Love my little biker boy!

Lemonade stand with the cousins.

Stoked to find a splash park a short drive away and with free entry to boot!

Screen time outside.

Grandpa Carl runs the risk of being overtaken by forts!

Seeing the Cleveland Orchestra at Blossom Hill with Maria.

Love this funny and very social little boy!

Ari gets a wee bit closer to the terrific fireworks display on daddy's shoulders.

Stopping to appreciate a butterfly at historic Hale Farm and Village.

The boys play at Hale Farm while the parents sample wines on a rainy afternoon.

Ari and I visited Memphis Kiddie Park with a mother's group and had a great time!

Safe screen time.

We don't have a TV in our home and the boys are so much more likely now to choose activity books, crafts or imaginative play. Yay!

Tree climbers.

Poking around in the woods as children should.

Building a fort in the woods with neighborhood friends.

This summer was definitely more work than play for Brian and I and it's hard to believe it's so far behind us already! We're so glad the kids get to spend quality time with their cousins and that they frequently choose to built forts or poke around in the woods!

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