Friday, November 20, 2015

Green Polka Dot Spectacles

A few months ago we started to have some concerns about Ari's vision. Occasionally one eye would appear crossed and as the weeks passed he started to complain of double vision. After several visits with a pediatric ophthalmologist, he was prescribed glasses for farsightedness.

Isn't he handsome in his chocolaty frames with green polka dots?

It wasn't easy to get him to wear the glasses at first. Left to his own devices he would choose to wear a stick-on eye patch instead. Now he willingly wears them most of the time which I hope means that they are helping!

On the way to a recent check-up appointment with the ophthalmologist we were chatting about the glasses and if they were working for him and if he liked wearing them. This is what he said, nearly verbatim.
One: They protect your eyes from the sun.
Two: You can see things inside of bodies.
Three: You can see inside of wood.
Four: You can see inside of the grass.
Five: You can see inside of houses without looking.
Six: When you're scared, the glasses make you invisible and you can see everything with the glasses on and do everything.
Seven: You can see in every direction at once. 
I think I'll get myself a pair of those green polka dot spectacles!

Take on the world my dear boy and don't let anything stop you!

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