Monday, November 09, 2015

Fawn Season

We were so thrilled to look out the window one spring morning and see a doe and her fawn in the woods behind the house. Then we realized she had twins! Brian tiptoed out to catch a few shots of the fawns, still with wobbly legs.

We watched them happily all summer, grazing 'round the neighborhood and often bedding down in the woods at night.

The kids enjoy their presence as well and we've loved to watch them grow!

The fawns have now lost their spots and are looking rather grown up. They still stick close to their mama though and the other day we even saw them nursing! So sweet. I almost ran to grab the camera but am glad I didn't because she rather unceremoniously booted them off after not too long!

One of the twins in the neighbor's front lawn. Notice how the ears are alert in two directions.

After not seeing the trio for some time, I grabbed my camera and headed down into the ravines to see if I could find them. Crunchy autumn leaves underfoot are not a photographers friend but I did manage to catch one moderately decent image of the family from a distance before I saw white tails bolting off through the woods.

Since the deer were being elusive, I decided to turn my lens on some other forest friends like this cheeky squirrel sitting way up on the treetops.

I hope we keep seeing this family of deer all winter. Come to think of it, we may see them more than many of our human friends who tend to go into hibernation over the long, cold winter!

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