Monday, March 16, 2015

Dare I Get My Hopes Up?

I've been hearing all sorts of comments about the arrival of spring for a few weeks now. However, having lived in this neck of the woods before, I'm well aware of the weather's fickleness and have been reluctant to get my hopes up. But now the snow is rapidly melting and grass is appearing and I can't help but get excited for warmer days ahead!

The very first day it warmed up slightly, the boys were asking to get their bikes out. They enjoyed a little spin around the neighborhood and we loved getting to spend more than just a few minutes outside!

Love that last photo as it really captures a moment!

I'm pretty sure the deer are looking forward to spring as well. They've been coming around looking for food in the neighbor's bird feeder spillover. As usual, we've enjoyed watching them whenever we get the chance.

We're looking forward to getting out for more walks in our local Metroparks.

Not that we haven't enjoyed (some parts of) winter. We've been sledding a few times and have built snowmen and have had lots of snowball fights!

Here's to sunny skies ahead!

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