Sunday, December 21, 2014

There's Snow Place Like Home

I have several friends with very young children right now and watching them gush over their precious bundles brings me back to a time that seems like ages ago, yet at the same time, like only yesterday.

This odd time vortex is brought into sharp contrast when the kids do things that seem mature for their age or are really genuinely helpful or just take my breath away. Here's this week's example of the latter.

These treasures came home with Riker from school the other day and Brian and I practically melted.

This hand painted plate reads "There's snow place like home."

The accompanying letter reads, "Dear Mom and Dad. You light up my life! Love Riker 2014"

So while I find my composure, let me remind the new parents (and myself, once again) that time flies and all the baby stuff that seems so hard will pass. I will refrain from trite platitudes such as 'enjoy every moment' because we all know that's malarkey, but every day certainly offers it's moments to be savored and those are the ones to celebrate and to remember. And in this case, to make room for on the mantle. 

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