Monday, December 01, 2014

Blue Hen Falls

Yesterday we wrapped up a lovely five day holiday at home with a trip to Blue Hen Falls. Just down the road in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the falls are a lovely destination offering great opportunities for exploring!

An easy half mile hike in makes the falls accessible even to young children.

Ari and Riker steal a glimpse of the river below.

At the falls, Riker gets out his camera, just like mama!

Blue Hen Falls drop about fifteen feet but even though they're not terribly dramatic, it's a beautiful sight.

Out of batteries!

Daddy lends a helping hand.

Handsome boy!

Love exploring with these two - never a dull moment!

Riker, Brian and Ari get close to the falls after we all scramble down a rocky incline.

More silliness.

Mama and the boys.

Sometimes I can't pick just one.

Plenty of time for poking in the creek and throwing rocks.

What an excellent spot for a rest!

On the hike out, up in front of me on the bridge, I hear Riker saying, "I'm a runner, a walker, a climber and a leader mama!" Yes, my boy(s), always remember you are powerful, and you can do whatever you set your mind to.

This was such a delightful day out and we were lucky that it only started drizzling as we neared the car. Plus, I adore these photos and plan to print and frame some of them for that much anticipated acquisition of a house of our own!

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