Sunday, November 16, 2014

Glitter Jars

I try to steer clear of Pinterest as much as possible. It's not that I don't see myself as crafty and able to do most of the projects I'd come across; it's that the site reminds me of all the nifty creative things I'm NOT doing with my kids. You see, I was pretty sure that I was going to have crafting sessions every week with them, but it just seems that life keeps punctuating that fantasy with cooking and cleaning (and job seeking and house hunting these days). Who needs to make their task list longer with adorable cakes, finger puppets, painted ladybug rocks and cutesy paper owls?

(Okay, so writing that sort of made me want to paint ladybugs on rocks. I bet one can find that on Pinterest).

That said, occasionally a craft project comes my way that I know I want to do with the kids. I read about Glitter Jars months ago and it took me this long to acquire the necessary components and find the time to make this project happen. We've all been under the weather most of the week and since I was finally feeling better today, it seemed a good time to do something fun and cheery.

First, I used adhesive remover to clean the label residue from these bottles.

Then we collected the ingredients - glycerin, glitter glue in several colors and fine glitter.  We also used corn syrup, warm water, dish soap, a measuring cup, a funnel and a whisk.

Riker pours glycerin into a measuring cup.

After a bit of recipe tweaking and fine tuning, we ended up with five stunning bottles of swirling, glittering magic!

Here's what they look like after they've begun to settle.  Depending on the ratio of ingredients, you can adjust the settling time.

 Riker checks out our newest creation.

You'll sometimes find these jars referred to as mind jars or time-out jars. They're meant to help quiet the mind and to provide something captivating for overstimulated brains to ponder. They happen to be great for both kids and adults as they really are fascinating and calming to watch!

The recipe we used looked something like this:

1 part glycerin or corn syrup (similar outcome, use what you have or whichever is cheaper)
1.5 parts warm water
2 Tbsp glitter
4 drops dish soap

I used the tutorial at Mama Owl's Lab as my guide as she offers step by step instructions and ideas for discussing the science of surface tension and viscosity.

These were lots of fun to make and I'm sure we'll be enjoying them for many months to come!

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