Saturday, November 29, 2014

A (Birth)Day in the Life

Yesterday was my birthday and since Grammy and Grandpa just left for a vacation in Hawaii, we had the house to ourselves. We filled our day with simple, but fun family activities.

Brian found some of his old paints and a few canvases in a closet so he brought them out for the boys to explore. Riker wanted to paint a train and they started by sketching a rough outline of what they wanted the painting to look like. Then they squeezed out acrylic paint from the tubes that hadn't dried out. They mixed blue and white and started painting the sky.

With lots of help from daddy, the painting slowly came together. Then the artists started to add their signatures.

The finished work!

Riker wanted to photograph the painting with his camera as well.

Later Brian whipped up this frame for the painting. He loves having his father's woodworking shop in the basement at his disposal if you hadn't already noticed!

While the train turned out pretty terrific, the process didn't leave much room for creative exploration, so Brian got out another canvas and let the kids have a free for all with the paints.

Riker discovers a toothbrush amongst the paints and realizes it too could be used as a paint brush!

Ari mixes paints in an egg carton.

What fun is a painting session without getting your hands in red paint!

Messy but fun!

Late in the afternoon we headed out for some sledding at the Sleepy Hollow golf course and had a great time on the gently rolling hills!

We finished the day with hot chocolate, a fire in the fireplace and a movie. Nothing special really, but then I always try to remember that extraordinary moments often masquerade as ordinary life.

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