Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Lately, Riker has been using his laptop to interact with a number of educational sites like Starfall, Earobics and Raz-Kids.

The other day I peered around the corner to see what he was up to and saw that he had made his way onto a search engine site and had 'Googled' himself!

After typing 'Riker" into the search bar, he was counting the instances of his name on the page and examining the photos that came up of the StarTrek officer, William Riker. I managed to snap this shot just before he lost interest and went back to his game. Too funny!

In other clever kid news, Riker presented me with a letter in an envelope the other night just before bedtime.

It read:

Dear Mama
I love you
Love Riker
You are best

Grammy helped him some but I was so profoundly moved (and impressed) that I shed a few tears. He readily grasped the fact that he'd done something pretty special and was very pleased with himself. And he should be! It's not every day you give someone one of the best love letters they've ever received!

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