Sunday, October 19, 2014


I love autumn.

The trees are awash with a palette of my most favorite colors - green and red and rust and orange and gold and brown. I forgot how much I enjoyed being a front row spectator to this most spectacular event.

But it's not just the majestic landscapes that are pleasing to my senses right now.

The trees display an incredible ability to adapt to changing seasons and circumstances. The leaves falling outside my window are a fitting backdrop to our own season of transition. They remind me to take it slow, to be flexible, and to cultivate patience.

So this is us. Here. Now. In flux. Together. Crafting a new story.

And like my friends in the forest, I (try to) embrace the fact that one must shed an old layer to welcome in a new chapter. This process of stretching and sloughing can be uncomfortable and even painful, but without change, there is no growth. So on we go, reminding ourselves to enjoy the journey while scanning the horizon, eager to see what lies ahead.

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