Friday, September 26, 2014

Aussie Visitor: Take Two

As I might have mentioned once or twice, my colleagues at ANUgreen were all pretty freakin awesome people. So I was delighted to hear that Adam was going to pay us a visit on his year long adventure around North and Central America!

Adam was only here for one full day but we managed to give him a good dose of McMillin hospitality with a giant family dinner and a brief tour of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

On the Ohio and Erie Canal visiting a lock which was once used to raise and lower boats between stretches of water at different levels.

I think it's terrific that our Sustainable Transport officer is able to have such a grand adventure in multi-modal global transport! I also think it's pretty cool that within two months, we've had two Aussie visitors!

Thanks for including us in your itinerary Adam and have safe and amazing travels!

Adam points out that I  forgot to mention that he had to make a McMillin House rite of passage: drinking your body weight in mead!

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