Monday, August 04, 2014

What Jet Lag Looks Like

Pretty sure I've mentioned once or twice how difficult packing up and leaving Canberra was for me but then of course there was the fact that once we wrapped up everything in Australia, we actually had to get to the US!

The flights on this trip were more or less tolerable (think mild torture) but the airport transfers were tough. We were overloaded with carry-on bags as all the last bits and pieces from the move had to go somewhere. There were a number of less than pleasant moments where Ari was lying on the airport floor wailing while I was laden with a backpack on my front AND back wondering how in the world we were going to make it to the next gate. 

And the jet lag. Oh the jet lag. This time around it was absolutely awful. The kid's bodies really struggled to figure out the new rhythm and we all had a tough time adjusting. I found myself awake at 4 am some mornings and sleeping till 4 pm other days. Riker slept for nineteen hours one day and a half hour the next night. One night we were up in the middle of the night and Riker asked for afternoon tea. I looked up the time in Canberra and lo and behold it was 3 pm there so we had chai and biscuits. As you do. 

It took about two and a half weeks to get ourselves back on a somewhat normal schedule. During that time the kids fell asleep at random times during the day, often in the late afternoon or early evening which is of course the last time you want kids to have a nap for several hours!

We'd try to give Ari an iPad to keep him awake in the late afternoon but even that didn't work most days.

The poor boy would just fall asleep in the middle of the living room with action all around him. Very out of character for him!

We've now made the trip back and forth from Australia to the US a number of times with the kids. It's always hard in different ways depending on ages and stages but I think my brain conveniently purges most of these memories thus allowing our family to continue to travel! Maybe we'll take it easy for a while....

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