Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Glarus Brewing Company

We've been enjoying beers from the New Glarus Brewing Company for many years and on our journey east out of Minnesota, we finally made the time to stop and tour the iconic Wisconsin facility.

I expected our visit would be interesting but I was blown away by their impressive buildings and grounds!

The grand entrance to the premises. Like everything else in the small town of New Glarus, the brewery features Swiss inspired architecture and design.

 The internal courtyard is a comfortable and spacious meeting place.

 The outdoor bar is the central point of the courtyard.

 A rinsing station lets customers clean their glasses between varieties of beer.

 The other side of the elaborate rinsing station.

 Inside, we took a self guided tour of the brewery since there were no formal tours offered on the day of our visit. These large vessels are for boiling the grains and hops.

These large tanks hold the water for just one batch of beer.

 Miles of spotlessly clean pipes transport water for brewing.

 Detailing on the wrought iron rails guides visitors past large fermenters.

 The Stairway to Heaven....

...leads visitors up to a small platform for viewing the huge barrel fermenters that stretch up to the ceiling.

 Mammoth fermenting tanks.

 A thirty litre pilot brewery tests new product ideas.

 Just some of the equipment in the expansive bottling area.

 A cabinet featuring a slew of awards.

 This interesting poster outlines the myriad of ways to describe beer flavors.

 Back out to the courtyard.

 "Ruins" are scattered throughout the outdoor seating areas and offer the kids a great place to run and explore.

 This beautiful maternal statue looks over the courtyard.

 In the gift shop, Riker picked up this key chain and pointed out the continent of Australia. I was somewhat stunned that he'd discovered that Wisconsin turned on its side looks an awful lot like Australia! Of course, I had to buy it and I pointed out this interesting observation to the clerks who were very impressed with his cleverness!

The actual shape of Australia, for reference. The Gulf of Carpentaria shrunk a bit and Tasmania was once again forgotten but the similarities are otherwise striking.

The boys compare the new key chain to the right-side-up state of Wisconsin. Then they used their fingers to trace their way through the maze formed by the fingerprint.

 I appreciated the attention to detail throughout the place and the kids noticed these fairies dancing in the garden.

 An overview of the whole place gives an idea of what a massive establishment this is.

Three of our favorite New Glarus Brewing Co. drinks - ales brewed with raspberry, strawberry rhubarb and apples/cranberries/cherries. Delicious!

New Glarus beers are only available in Wisconsin so if you've never tried their products, I highly recommend finding them next time you're in the state. In addition to the three above, we also highly recommend the cherry ale!

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