Tuesday, August 05, 2014


After spending about a month in Cleveland getting over jet lag and attending to a few initial tasks like building bee hives and buying a car, we decided to travel to Minnesota for about a week to catch up with family and friends.

Minnesota welcomes us!

 Me, Riker and Grandma Betty. Love this photo!

 The whole family with Grandma Betty in Litchfield. We were also pleased to see my brother Gary and our family friend, Pat, while we were visiting.

Jenn and Kristi

Conveniently, Kristi and Tim had planned a barn party during our one weekend in town which meant we got to once again enjoy the place where we held our wedding reception and catch up with friends.

 The Brew List for Sunday Funday included a whole variety of meads to sample as well. 

 Ari, Riker and Corbin play trains during a visit to Jessica's house.

 Corbin looking adorable in the butterfly wings he insisted on wearing.

So much Corbin cuteness, I couldn't choose just one.

 Aubrey and Riker enjoyed playing together and here share their favorite apps and games.

 With Jessica, Corbin's mama and one of my best high school friends.

 Ari and Grandma Betty share a laugh.

 Ari and Riker with Grandma Betty after dinner out at the golf course.

 Before leaving Minnesota, we spent two days in Minneapolis to catch up with friends. Leslie, Amy and I hadn't been together for nearly a decade and it was such a joy to see them both! 

 It was great to meet Leslie's newest addition Malachi who barely made a peep during our visit!

 I was so pleased that Amy and six week old Oscar ventured out to meet us at Como Park Zoo.

 Riker enjoyed the car ride once he not very patiently waited an extra turn to secure the red car all for himself.

 Ari also had to wait a turn for the blue car but then had to share it with two other boys who apparently had their sights set on that particular color too!

The boys enjoy a movie in their cubby den at our hotel. Thanks to Aunt Leah for once again hooking us up with stays at Sheraton hotels all along our journey!

It's been great to be back in my original homeland for a visit and good to know that we can now more easily visit and communicate with family and friends here what with being in a neighboring time zone and all!

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