Thursday, August 21, 2014

McMichigan Holiday

This year, the (second) annual McMillin summer retreat took us to Michigan. We found an eight bedroom vacation rental house on Campau Lake that could sleep all twenty five of us. Not easy to find, I tell ya!

Campau Heaven

Our backyard complete with beach, dock, paddle boat, canoe and kayaks.

 Time for an updated sisters photo! Heather, Liz and I.

 The house was full of nooks and crannies and forts and hiding spots for kids of all ages.

 Gavin's new fishing pole was tested by all the kids. That's Gavin's and Riker's first fish!

Fourteen year old Lilly and her parents joined us at the last minute and all the parents with young kids were SO glad to have her around. Her parents wouldn't let me take her home but said she could come for a visit!

 Teagan with a long line of painted creations.

 The huge dining room table was a terrific gathering place...

...but wasn't actually quite big enough to seat all of us!

Heather got all the kids matching shirts once again this year. She wanted something with a positive message and found these adorable bee themed shirts that say BEE KIND, BEE STRONG, BEE YOURSELF, BEE BRAVE, BEE HONEST, BEE GOOD.

Even the littlest joining-us-in-January McMillin gets a shirt!

Cael, Teagan, Lilly, Gavin, Edward, Katie, Ari and Riker in their matching shirts. Too bad Porter was asleep!

And the excited version. Some more than others :)

As Leah, Carl, Keith and Gavin (and Aunt Nancy) all have birthdays in the same week, Heather was kept busy baking and frosting delicious cakes! 

Gavin asked for a rainbow cake for his birthday.

 Teagan and Katie watch while Heather works frosting magic.

Voila! Rainbow tie dye cake!

 One afternoon was spent at Sky Zone.

 Trampolines as far as the eye can see!

 Teagan shows her moves.

 Leah, Ross, Penny, Liz, Edward, Jan, Teagan and Joan. This getaway included a whole range of in-laws and out-laws.

 Katie, Edward, Cael and Riker enjoy Icees after jumping.

 A bubble machine provided hours of fun. Notice the reflection of the house in the top bubble.

 Evenings were spent chatting and catching up on the wrap-around sofa or in the basement lounge which was further away from sleeping kids.

 Dave and Katie on the paddle boat.

Fishing and splashing and pouring and squirting on the dock.

 Better watch out!

 Porter can now get about with lighting speed!

 Joan and Ross

 Bill and Barbara

 Keith and Liz

The moon rises over the lake.

 Kids enjoy the (not very) hot tub.

Brian and I met Rochelle when we lived in Maui and we hadn't seen her for at least ten years. As she lives in Michigan, she and her two kids came to spend an afternoon with us. So great to see her!

Like our trip to the Adirondacks last summer, this holiday was a great chance to celebrate the McMillin clan and spend some quality time together. Now we just have to decide where to book the 2015 getaway!