Friday, August 01, 2014

Bee Ambitions

One of the reasons we decided to return to the US was so that Brian could transform some long time passions into a business. He fell in love with beekeeping in Australia and has been formulating the idea of becoming a commercial beekeeper and mead maker for some time now. We didn't feel confident investing the time, money or energy into such a venture in Australia and so returning home has allowed him to give this ambition his full attention.

We'd barely landed before he set to work on building hives. Within three weeks he'd built (and populated) thirty two beehives from scratch!

Once assembled, the hives were lined up in the driveway for painting.

Riker insisted on helping with the painting and he was very thorough and precise in his work.

The frames would then be put in place.

Brian dons his bee suit in preparation for setting up the finished hives.

Boxes of bees called nucs are ready to be transferred to their new homes.

The hives are temporarily located in the backyard of Brian's parent's suburban home.

Sunset casts a beautiful light on the backyard apiary.

It's going to be one grand adventure launching this new endeavour! One of the things that makes it unique is that not many meaderies start with honey from their own hives. Brian anticipates needing two to three hundred hives to be able to produce five thousand cases of mead per year (equivalent to a small winery). This of course will all unfold over the course of the next several years, but it's great to see Brian so excited to be working toward something big!

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