Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tassie to the Tropics: Lake St Clair to Hobart, Tasmania

We finished off the drive to Lake St Clair wondering all the while if the boys would actually finish the hike in four days as planned. Arriving at Lake St Clair the staff notified us that the group had radioed in at the last hut to say that one in the party would be taking the ferry across the lake and the other two would walk the last five hours on the track beside the lake. They told us Brian was the one on the ferry and we couldn't figure out what possible scenario would have him on the ferry alone. Turns out the French ferry operator didn't have the best command of the English language and it was Chris on the ferry who was sporting two nasty blisters. Aaron and Brian had chosen to walk instead of waiting several hours for the ferry and then arrived an hour or so after Chris. We were all glad they had arrived safely and celebrated with a beautiful dinner in the lodge restaurant (after long hot showers of course!)

On our only full day at Lake St Clair, Heather and I left the five kids with the dads and ventured off in the rain for a two hour walk.

Heather and I at Watersmeet.

We just loved all of the beautiful and colorful examples of fungi and various plants found along the trail. The rain made them even more vibrant!

The Lake St Clair Lodge allows visitors to stay within this World Heritage listed area.

Riker and Cael loved exploring and playing together.

Though sometimes would Cael would need alone time and he could find it in the most unusual of spots!

Gotta love Australian road signs. Within the park there were signs to watch out for echidnas and wombats.

Speaking of wildlife, on the drive back to our cabin that evening, I saw something scurry across the path. While at first I thought it was a cat, we quickly realized we'd just seen a spotted quoll!

It was pouring rain so I ducked into the cabin, suited up in rain gear, grabbed my waterproof camera and head lamp and ventured out to try to get a photo. I tracked it through the trees and around the cabins in the darkness being very careful not to scare or threaten it. It was very tricky to capture it in the beam of the head lamp and snap a photo but I managed to get this decent enough shot.

The spotted quoll, a carnivorous marsupial like the Tasmanian devil.

The next morning we had breakfast at the lodge, packed up and made the drive back to Hobart with a stop at The Tasting House in Richmond to sample meads from MountainView Meadery. The prickly box and manuka honey meads were especially delicious!

Cael and Riker making mischief while we try to taste mead and Tasmanian single malt whiskeys.

We then spent one last evening in Hobart at The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel before our flight to Brisbane and then on to Proserpine the following day to catch the ferry for our stay in the beautiful Whitsunday Islands.

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