Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Favorite Photographer

Riker loves to take photographs! When we got our new camera, we gave him our old point-and-shoot camera and he loves it. He even learned how to attach it to a tripod and program the self timer on the camera to take photos of himself!

Very serious about his craft.

 A quick lesson on using the timer and he was off and running!

Getting the hang of it.

 Everybody in!

We were late to school this morning because of his tripod photography but I just couldn't tear him away!

And below, a selection of my favorite photographs taken by Riker. 


It's been great fun to watch him figure out how to use the equipment and decide for himself how he wants his photos to look - moving around the room, zooming in and out, flash or no flash. I'll be very happy to encourage him to continue with this hobby!

My favorite photographer at work.

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