Monday, July 21, 2014

Farewell Friends

Over the course of our last weeks in Canberra, I tried very hard to arrange visits with as many friends as possible. There were endless tasks to attend to but I always tried to prioritise people as I knew the chances to meet face to face were limited and it was very important to me to let everyone know how much they'd meant to me. And of course, the kids had formed their own bonds as well and we wanted them to be able to say "see you later" to their friends too.

Riker and Isabella first met when they were about three months old. Here they are, nearly five and digging for treasure in her garden.

Mark, Riker, Ari and Isabella. Mark and Isabella's mum, Angela, has been a great friend and being from Peru has shared many of the challenges of a life lived away from one's place of birth.

A farewell lunch with my dear friend Kate and her family. 

Ari, Emma, Ben and Riker at Green Square in Kingston

Farewell drinks on my last day of work. Here I am with Odette and Zoe, students with whom I've worked extensively over the last year. They are excellent examples of inspiring students who contribute so much to campus sustainability and my own enjoyment of my work!

With my colleague and friend Meetu who, having moved overseas several times, wisely reminds me to take it slowly and to remember that feeling settled again is a long process and won't happen all at once.

There were so many beautiful moments with so many beautiful people that I couldn't begin to capture them all here even if I managed to get my camera out with every visit. So to all those who came to our farewell party, met us at the park, visited us at home, offered to look after the kids while we packed and were part of our amazing community over the last eight and a half years, we love you and despite the distance, will not soon forget you!

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