Friday, July 18, 2014

A Fermented Farewell

Our last harvest of honey from our hives in Downer yielded almost ninety pounds of honey and we wanted to find a very special use for it. So, we decided to craft an original mead that we could bottle and give to our friends as a token of friendship and love.

Once the mead had been fermenting on our kitchen bench for most of a month, Brian decided to try something new. I'm pretty sure I argued for sticking with a tried and true recipe but, a more natural risk taker than I, Brian insisted that lemon would be the perfect touch to this mead.

So we set about acquiring eighty lemons!

And then juiced them all by hand!

We decided that in order to make this mead a truly beautiful gift, we'd also bottle and label it.

Brian designed the label by manipulating an image of a flower from our garden.

The front text reads:

Mellifera Estate
2014 Sweet Mead with a hint of lemon
Canberra, Australia

The back text reads:

Apis mellifera is the name for the species of honey bee whose labours feature prominently in the product you are holding in your hand. From three hives in the inner north of Canberra grew an obsession with beekeeping which complements a decade long family tradition of mead making. This mead is a product of the many adventures we have had in Australia and is a gift for all of our friends to enjoy at this time of transition in our lives. We brewed a unique blend of our joy and sadness, a sweet and sour concoction of lemon and honey with a bit of a bite. Enjoy.

It was such a joy to share this labor of love with our friends! And to subsequently hear about how much they are enjoying it has been pretty delightful too!

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