Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Family Portrait, Ink on Paper

Riker is really enjoying his new school and has settled in well despite being one of only two new kids in the class. He's reading lots of books, making friends and trying new things. For example, Riker has never been one to do lots of drawing. He likes to write letters but he's never taken to drawing people or houses or horses or stuff that other four year old kids seem to like to draw. Not long after the school year started we were sitting in the car waiting for Brian to come out from an errand and I gave Riker a notepad and pen. When he handed it back, this is what I saw.

Riker's first family portrait! That's Ari and Brian at the top and Riker and I on the bottom in case you were wondering.

At school they've been talking about families and where people were born and the kids were asked to draw a picture of their family. No matter what the activity, the teacher encourages the kids to "have a go" and this was enough to prompt Riker to start drawing pictures. He's kept it up and the drawings have only gotten more sophisticated from here.

His efforts won him a certificate at today's whole school assembly for "always having-a-go at drawing and writing."

He was so proud to finally be one of the kids to get an award at a school assembly! Keep up the good work buddy. I hope that you always love reading and drawing!

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  1. He looks real happy with that certificate.