Friday, April 18, 2014

At a winery? No, up a tree!

While playing at the playground just down the street the other day, none of us noticed right away that Brian had disappeared. I was looking all around for him while pushing Riker on the swing when I finally spotted him chuckling at me from an unusual vantage point. I kept my mouth shut and smiled.

Not long after, Riker and Ari noticed he was missing as well. As we listened to Riker pondering his whereabouts, we both had to stifle our laughter.

"Where's daddy? I wonder where he went. He must have gone to a winery. He likes wineries. We should go to the winery to look for him."

Almost immediately, the boys found Brian and we all had a good laugh.

And then the boys had to have a turn climbing the big tree as well!

This all reminded me of a related kids-say-the-darndest-things quote.

A while back we had Riker assessed by a child psychologist for early entry to school. The test consisted of a series of questions and puzzles. One of the questions was "Name something that comes in a bottle." We were amused (and a little embarrassed) when the psychologist told us later that she had never had a child respond with "wine" before!

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