Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Baby Rats

When Brian lifted up our chicken's nesting box the other day, he got a big surprise. Two rats scurried quickly away and under the box he found that they had left behind four teeny tiny baby rats!

He carefully scooped up all the straw they were laying on and placed it on the lid of a bucket so he could show the kids. Baby rats, we learned are called kittens or pups. Below, Ari peers closely at the quartet.

From what I can tell they weren't more than a couple of days old. Skin still covered their eyes and you could easily see the milk in their stomachs through their translucent skin. They occasionally made high pitched peeping sounds as they squirmed around. How adorable are those little noses and toes?

We happily watched the little fellas for about fifteen minutes and since it was a stifling day, we weren't concerned about them getting chilled. Riker gets a closer look.

We've never noticed rats in our chicken coop or in our yard before so instead of thinking of them as a nuisance, we viewed the close-up look at baby rats as a real privilege. It makes me appreciate the diversity of life that can be found behind the scenes of an urban garden!

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