Sunday, December 08, 2013

Riker and the Chocolate Machine

For their end of year concert, Riker's preschool class was part of a whole-school production featuring the learning journeys of the children.

Riker's classroom has spent quite a bit of the year exploring robots and chocolate and it was the latter that the children chose to focus on for their part of the concert. All year they've been collecting chocolate wrappers and talking about ingredients, trying out their guesses at recipes and even building a chocolate machine!

From the concert program:
The construction of a "chocolate machine" in the sandpit sparked months of research into the culinary delight of chocolate. Hypotheses for making chocolate were tested....leading to the construction of a wire chocolate machine. But what would it sound like inside the machine? Pres-schoolers have constructed a soundtrack for you. Listen carefully to find out.

Below, the children demonstrate the process of making chocolate on stage.

Isla and Rowdy add cocoa and milk while Riker mixes it all together.

Ever wonder what it sounds like inside a chocolate machine? Well, thanks to one of the assistant teachers who is an electronic musician, you can find out in this short video of the chocolate making process featuring an original score.

Stirring up the mixture.

And voila - chocolate bars!

The concert was delightful and we laughed our way through the children building rainbows, explaining how their teacher had a baby, doing yoga, growing gardens, exploring the earth's geology, becoming the characters from books, learning about electronics and wriggling around as spiders. Well done to all the children and educators for such a fabulous production!

I can hardly believe the year has passed so quickly and there are only two more days of school left!

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