Thursday, December 19, 2013


After enjoying our last coastal getaway so much, we decided to do it again and spent the beginning of this week at Murramurang National Park.

Some Canberrans will complain about the two hour journey required to get to the ocean, but for a Midwestern girl with a hometown twenty five hours from the ocean, I'm pretty happy to make such a short trip to the Pacific!

 A kangaroo lazes about in front of our cabin with a great beach view.

 "Kang-roo hop buh-bye" said Ari all weekend.

 Thinking he might get a closer look.

 My happy boy.


 Some of the biggest pelicans I've ever seen!

 Lots of playing in the sand and surf.

 Pelicans coming in for a closer look.

 Jumping up and down in sandy puddles.

 Sand everywhere!

For some time now it's felt like too much trouble to do all the planning and packing associated with any travel. Fortunately, it's feeling a bit easier these days and we've really enjoyed changing the scenery and having two relaxing beach escapes in the last month. So, given tomorrow is my last day of work until the new new year, we're continuing our tour of south coast beaches and this weekend we're off to Narooma for four nights!

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