Saturday, December 07, 2013


I didn't realize how much I needed a holiday until we made last minute plans to stay on the coast last weekend.

Our destination was Merrimbula and we stayed at a caravan park on the beach in an awesome cottage with a spa bath and ocean view. We'd never really considered staying at a caravan park before but with swimming pools, a playground, a giant jumping pillow and kids activities, it was a great place to take the family.

Rocks make the best playground ever.

Riker was intrigued and delighted by this bench made out of old railroad ties.

Rainbow lorikeets visited our verandah regularly.

We enjoyed beautiful weather and all of our favorite treats. Note the hand snatching watermelon in the background while Riker's back is turned!


The only downside was the crazy wind, which we harnessed to our kite flying advantage.

Riker has a turn flying the kite. Our cottage in the background.

The boys share a quick cuddle. While neither has ever really enjoyed the experience of being at the beach before, this time they both embraced the sand and surf and the ability to bury themselves and dig holes to their heart's content.

Before heading home we visited the Potaroo Palace wildlife park which was full of interesting flora and fauna.

A peacock shows off his stuff.

I've been trying for a good sulphur crested cockatoo photo for years. Hooray!

The emus were very gentle and would eat out of our hands.

As were the kangaroos.

Sapphire the koala hanging out in her tree.

Cheeky boy.

Tawny frogmouth.

What a terrific weekend. We had such a good time that we've planned another escape to the beach next weekend, this time to Murramarang. 

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  1. The weekend looked like such a great time. The new camera takes awesome picture.