Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sleeping Spaces

Riker has been talking about bunk beds for quite some time. I'm not against getting the boys a set of bunk beds one day but as much as they both roll around at night, I definitely wouldn't feel comfortable with either of them sleeping on the top bunk just yet!

Fortunately, the boys have improvised and come up with their own version of bunk beds, albeit in the kitchen.

Perfectly sized and within easy reach of the dry goods, the pantry shelves make mighty fine bunks! No ladder required.

In other sleeping related news, we recently moved the boy's beds into the same room hoping that each others company might prevent them from feeling lonely at night and thus encourage them to stay in their own room all night long.

Find the hidden boy! Ari's deep sea jammies blend well with his blue camouflage bedding!

As long time co-sleepers, this has been a big change for everyone! I still lie with the boys until they fall asleep, talking about the day, singing songs and telling stories. I just love the quiet conversation that takes place right before sleep. What a joy to get a little glimpse into Riker's thoughts before the sound of gentle rhythmic breathing can be heard on either of side of me.

The first week or so was rough with one or both of them waking up at least once wanting some company. The last few nights however, we haven't heard anything from them until 6 am when Ari wanders over to ask me to come back to his bed. I figure 6 am is a reasonable hour to be disturbed and I'm happy to take him back to his bed for a cuddle and another hour or two of sleep. Not a bad way to start the day in fact!

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