Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thomas in Town

Thomas the Tank Engine was visiting Canberra this weekend and as soon as we heard about it, we knew how we'd be spending our Saturday!

A huge fan of Thomas and all of his friends, Riker eagerly checked out the not-so-little blue engine and was very happy to get to blow his whistle. 

There were lots of trains on display at the Railway Museum where the event was held and it was great fun to explore the inside of various engines and carriages.

Boys of all sizes enjoyed seeing the gears and talking about what all those buttons and levers and gauges might be for.

Daddy and Riker with an engine from 1879

One of our favorite carriages to explore was built in the 1920s and had all sorts of finely crafted details including this fold-out metal wash basin. The kids loved exploring the carriage cars because they were like long hallways lined with cubby houses!

Part of our entry to the event included rides on the miniature railway (which we only did once because the lines were too long in the hot sun) and a ticket for a twenty minute long train ride in a full size vintage carriage. The kids loved looking out the open windows and riding on a real old train.

Another more modern engine gives Riker a chance to play at being the engineer.

Our day at the Railway Museum was loads of fund. After having seen Riker's cousins in the US have lots of opportunities to "meet" Thomas, we were thrilled that he finally came to Canberra. And having the chance to explore the collection of the museum was an added bonus!

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