Monday, October 28, 2013

National Arboretum

By 11:30 this morning the boys were clearly bored stiff as they were upturning boxes of toys, pulling things off shelves and aggravating their poor parents to no end. That's our cue to leave the house and find a place for them to burn off some energy. Our destination for today was the National Arboretum.

The National Arboretum is a great destination because of its terrific new playground .

The playground is full of interesting pods to explore and cubbies shaped like acorns with twisty slides descending.

I love to see play spaces with details that demonstrate creative thought in their design. The Pod Playground has details in abundance including this metal work of Australian animals on the fence. Peep holes in various pods contain spiders and insects and others have a variety of musical instruments built into them.

The arboretum has always seemed like a terrific place for kite flying. After lunch at the cafe we discovered the gift shop conveniently sells kites and we acquired a basic model that boasted its ease of use for 3-6 year old children.

It was indeed easy to use and Riker gets his first chance to fly a kite.

Ari even got to have a turn at flying the kite though I couldn't help but hover in case he let go. "No mama, me do it!" is a common refrain that I heard more than once today.

We're so grateful that Canberra is brimming with fun and interesting activities for kids especially on days when getting out of the house is the thing that saves our sanity!

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