Thursday, October 10, 2013


Riker Donald is named after his grandfather, Donald Kerr. As my father passed away twenty three years ago today, I've been reflecting on how I remember him, the empty space left in my life when he died suddenly and the way in which that space then shaped me and my future.

I've been looking at the few photos I happen to have electronically (thanks to my cousin Gary and the work he's done on our family lineage) and I'll share those here as a record for myself and my children.

Donald and his brother Douglas, 1930s

For comparison - Riker, 2013

Douglas and Donald, 1930s

 Donald and Douglas, 1930s

 Douglas and Donald, 1930s

Douglas and Donald, 1941. Note, the above photos were all taken on the farm where I grew up.





Douglas and Donald with their father, Clyde in the 1940s



Douglas and Donald, 1950s

Donald, Douglas and their mother, Pearl in 1953. I find it pleasing that my father's head aligns with the kangaroo sign at the zoo.


1967 with cousin, Allen Kerr

1970s, now with the farm in color!

1976, my parent's wedding with my uncle Doug and aunt Phyllis

1978 with little me

As I reflect on the last twenty three years, I'm struck by what a great loss I endured as a child. And now as an adult, I find myself wanting to know so much more about my father. What was his childhood like? What was it like going to school in a one room school house? What did he do when he graduated from high school? How many different jobs did he have? Did he always want children? Where in the world did he want to travel? How did he envision the world in 2013?

I'll never know the personal answers to these questions of course, and I can only imagine the kind of relationship we'd have today. What I do know for certain is that he would absolutely adore his grandsons, their curiosity, their cleverness, their mischief. Today, it is for this great loss that I continue to mourn.


  1. What a nice way to remember your dad with a moving post like this. I even got a tear in my eye.