Friday, August 30, 2013

Whirlwind Tour Part Two: Cleveland

After a lovely week in Minnesota, we boarded another plane and made the short journey to Ohio. The friendly McMillin airport shuttle service collected us from the airport and kindly made a stop at Chipotle for burrito hungry travelers.

Landing at the grandparents house, we were delighted to see everyone and the kids were thrilled to be reunited with their cousins.

We hadn't been back long when we started opening packages to finally get our hands on our brand new camera that we ordered six months ago but couldn't get through Australian customs without paying $800! We had it sent back to Cleveland hoping it would arrive in time for Carl and Jan's visit in May, but alas, the package took the slow boat. We'd starting filling out the insurance forms for lost packages when it finally arrived back in the US three months after it had been turned away from Australia.

One of my goals for 2013 was to improve my photography skills and I knew that with a nicer camera this would happen automatically and that I'd then have the chance to really improve once I learned the manual settings. So back in January I set to researching what kind of camera I would get and was pretty sure it would be a DSLR. Then Brian got involved in the research and it got complicated as he wanted a camera that had some pretty specific video capabilities. After MUCH deliberation we settled on the Panasonic Lumix GH3, a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that rivals the performance of a DSLR but is smaller.

It didn't take much playing around with the new camera to realize that we both loved it! I was so relieved it wasn't broken after all that time in transit and was thrilled that it was looking like it would meet our needs nicely. Hooray! So hopefully you'll notice that as of this post, image quality has improved drastically. I've still got lots to learn about this camera and still miss otherwise amazing shots due to focusing issues but I'm looking forward to years of beautiful photos and video. The biggest problem with the new camera is that it's so easy to take great shots, we came home with 1100 photos from a three week holiday! As if finding the time to sort photos and blog wasn't difficult enough already!

Without further ado - I give you Cleveland in pictures:

Riker meets Porter for the first time at five weeks
Porter's proud mama and papa
Grammy snuggles
Sweet Edward isn't a baby anymore!
Auntie Heather and Ari enjoy a story
Ari and Riker were excited to find their favorite toys from Grammy and Grandpa's hose
So wonderful to be outdoors in the beautiful summer wesather
Edward, Gavin and Ari 
Aunt Nancy and Porter

We only spent a few days in Cleveland before heading off to a week long getaway in upstate New York. But first, there was one important family ritual to complete. Next post = McMillin family circus photos!

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