Monday, July 22, 2013

There's a bear in there...

Playschool comes to Canberra!

Since Brian and I went to a show to see someone we adore on Friday night, it was only fair that Riker get to see a show with someone he adores on Saturday morning. 

To be honest, we're all big fans of Playschool and so it was good fun to see one of our favorite presenters, Alex, along with all the toys we know and love - Big Ted, Little Ted, Jemima, Henny Penny and of course, Riker's favorite and the star of the show, Humpty Dumpty. Riker carried his Humpty doll along and all the kids cheered as each toy made their appearance. 

Lots of familiar songs to keep everyone entertained.

Filled with fun songs to sing and dance along with, all the kids in the audience were constantly on their feet hopping, wiggling, tapping and wobbling.

Alex and Humpty Dumpty
It was lots of fun to see so many kids (and their parents) humming and singing along with what have now become favorite songs. Neither of us grew up singing "there's a bear in there...." that's for sure, but it's a pretty staple tune for each of our kids!


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    1. I've been overseas so haven't been keeping up the blog for a few weeks but wanted to say thanks for reading!