Monday, June 10, 2013

Grammy and Grandpa!

Just over a month ago I started a post with the words, "Grammy Jan and Grandpa Carl have arrived!" That's as far as I got though and now many weeks later, there are lots of grand adventures, happy memories and fun stories to share.

The first week and a half of their three weeks in Australia was spent pottering about in Canberra and exploring some local attractions. We went for walks to the local shops, visited playgrounds and let the boys impress them with their two and three wheeled antics.

The variety and beauty of the local birds never fail to impress visitors as well.

I'd been wanting to visit Questacon for ages and having relatives in town gave us the perfect opportunity. Plus we all got in for free on a reciprocal arrangement with their family membership to the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland - how cool is that! 

Riker and Ari loved Mini Q and spent ages playing with the water feature exhibit and the construction zone. 

Ari and Brian enjoy a quiet moment in a corner with a book about chickens, which are quite possibly Ari's favorite thing. "Bock bock" he says!

And we couldn't get away without the big kids trying out some of the toys as well. I gave the vertical drop a go while Brian went round on the 360 degree swing.

Another day gave us the chance to visit the Australian Mint.

 Look, a kangaroo! And an emu!

Fortunately the Mint wasn't very crowded and the boys were able to burn off some energy running up and down the hall while I stole a minute to look at some exhibits.

Which led to a much needed (and exceptionally brief) rest.

We visited Yerrabi Pond for a trip to the awesome adventure playground and a chance to feed the ducks.

With just a little help from Grandpa to get started, Riker had a great time on the flying fox.

And with some help from mama, Ari got to have a go too.

It was so nice to have family in Canberra and to have the space for them to stay with us. We love taking them to our favorite places and getting the opportunity to check out new places.

Coming up next, a series of posts on our holiday to Western Australia!

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