Sunday, March 03, 2013

Pretend Puddles

It was rainy here for a few days in a row last week and since Riker couldn't go outside to play in the rain at school because he didn't have the appropriate gear, I set out with Ari on Friday to remedy that.

When he got home from school and saw his new gear for the first time, he declared the boots "his most favorite thing ever." Of course, once I acquired his raincoat and gumboots, it promptly stopped raining. He liked them so much though, that he wanted to go outside and pretend to jump in muddy puddles! So we did just that.

All week we've been singing our puddle song and while we wait for the rain to come again, we'll just keep on singing:
Let's put on our gumboots, our raincoats and our hats.
And jump in all the puddles with a splish, splosh, splash!

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