Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Toddler Activities (Part Two)

Riker and I have been really enjoying the projects and crafts we acquired in the toddler activity bag swap organized by my mother's group a couple weeks ago. 

Riker carefully strings colored pasta tubes onto a shoelace to make a slithering snake.

Since we've been having so much fun with the various activities, I thought I'd make more!  I found the idea for this color matching game when I was searching for ideas for my contribution to the exchange.  This one is great because it's really easy to make and inexpensive.  I couldn't do it for the group exchange however because I'd have had to pilfer an awful lot of paint swatches to replicate this one nine times!  

This color matching game is made from paint swatches and wooden clothes pins.  Riker and I did the cutting and gluing together. He's had fun matching the shades of the various colors but mostly he just wants to play around with the bright red clothes pin.  Imagine that. 

After making the popsicle stick puzzles for the activity bag swap, I had a number of small craft sticks left over and so I decided to make yet another activity.  I cut up little squares of self adhesive velcro and attached hooks to one end and loops to the other so that Riker could experiment with making shapes. 

The best part about all the projects we've acquired is that I can hand one to Riker to work on by himself if I need a few minutes to get something done, but we can also do them together and spend quite a long time talking through the activity.  Now if I could just get Ari to stop eating the popsicle sticks.

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