Saturday, January 05, 2013

Say Cheese

Riker has had his own laptop for some time and technologically savvy kid that he is, he now has his own camera too.

The camera was a gift from his Auntie Heather and Uncle Aaron.  They purchased a number of basic digital cameras to have at their wedding weekend back in September so that guests could take photos during the reception.  After they uploaded the photos, they kindly passed one of the cameras along to Riker.  The timing was perfect as he's been really interested in my camera for some time now and while I'd let him snap a few shots now and then, I hesitated to let him play with it too often because (a) it's a nice camera and I'd like to keep it that way and (b) because if it's out, it's usually because there is something that I want to photograph!

Now that he has his own camera, Riker can be found taking photos of all sorts of things - his toys, his family, his friends, products on the shelf at the store, the ceiling and his feet, for example.

I was happy to find an inexpensive red case when out shopping for one the other day. Occasionally, he even puts it away after use.

Here's a selection of Riker's photography to date. Only the self portrait of Riker and I involved any assistance from me.

Thank goodness for digital photography - I love that we can give Riker the freedom to experiment with the camera without worrying about "wasting" film. It will be fun to see how his skills improve as he grows and as his hand gets steadier!

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