Saturday, December 15, 2012


I've seen lots of photos of children who've fallen asleep in odd places.  And I've heard lots of stories of children who actually lie down and sleep when they feel tired.  Unless my children are strapped into a carseat or a bike trailer, they're pretty unlikely to willingly lie themselves down for a rest anywhere.  Riker gave up his afternoon nap quite some time ago and while Ari still has a long afternoon sleep, he usually requires some coaxing to get there.  So imagine my surprise when he dozed off in his highchair, not once, but twice last week!

Both days, I had tried to put him down for a nap three times before he finally fell asleep in his high chair in the late afternoon and then slept for nearly three hours (after being moved to his bed). 

A valiant effort at keeping up with his brother, but Ari finally succumbs to sleep in a rather odd spot!

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