Monday, December 24, 2012

New Friends

There are two other families with children here on our little cul-de-sac and Riker has become fast friends with a four year old boy named Narayan who lives across the street.  He's such a lovely little guy - thoughtful, creative, mild mannered and polite - and he's perfectly happy to play with Riker even though he's a year younger.  They talk about each other all the time and several times a week we find ourselves going back and forth between the two houses so the boys can play trains, dig in the sandbox, check on the chickens or trade a special toy.  Which is great because it means we've acquired new friends too!

Riker and Narayan help to wash his family's car. Which is of course great fun for all ages as it means splashing in the bubbles!

Narayan likes to come over for a visit after his day at child care. When he arrives home, he doesn't even want to go into his own house before setting off to see Riker.

The boys favorite activity is playing with Narayan's extensive train sets and Riker always comes home with a new borrowed engine.

 It's great fun when all of the kids on the street are out at the same time.  Above, Riker and Narayan in the back make silly faces with Xanthe and her brother Lewis.

When the foursome grew tired of riding their bicycles, they made their way to Narayan's sand box and tunneled, poured, mounded and dug until it started to rain and everyone retired to their own bathtubs.

It's been great fun getting to know our neighbors and even more so having children of the same ages. If it weren't for Riker and Ari, we'd certainly have met our neightbors by now, but we'd never have spent this much time with them enjoying each others company!

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