Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ups and Downs

It's been a crazy couple of weeks.

We moved house which is stressful and physically demanding and involves juggling the needs of the kids while trying to get tasks accomplished. In amongst all of this, we managed to acquire a few things we needed for our new house, buy some groceries and not surprisingly, eat LOTS of takeaway. Brian got a hive of bees, and there are plans to get chickens.

We bought a car which of course requires lots of searching and researching and test driving. The car then failed its mandatory registration inspection.  Fortunately, the seller agreed to pay for the necessary repairs and after several days we got the car back with a passed roadworthy certificate. Then I went to register the car, only to find that we failed to submit a notice of disposal for the car we sold in March and the buyer never registered it in his name. With two parking fines against the car, I was still legally responsible for it and couldn't register the new car unless I paid the fines or found his details to officially dispose of it. After much searching, we found his phone number and he actually gave us all of his information so that I could file the necessary paperwork. My second trip to register the car would have been successful had I not been missing one signature from Brian. So, on Monday morning I made my third (and thankfully successful) trek to dispose of the old car and register the new car.

I went back to work for two days a week. On my first day back to work, Riker's finger got pinched in the hallway door. After much screaming, Brian loaded the kids into the car and headed to emergency to get his finger examined. However, since both kids fell asleep on the way there, he sat in the car park and then abandoned that plan and returned home. (He was mostly fine after waking - finger clearly not broken.)

Riker had his first swim lesson and loved it! He was very enthusiastic and it was fun to watch him cooperating so well with the teacher. He had to miss his second lesson though because he hurt his wrist, again not serious, but enough to miss the lesson.

So if you haven't heard much from us recently, you now know why. Here's hoping the next two weeks go a bit more smoothly. Maybe I'll even find time to finally unpack our suitcases for the first time in eight months!

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