Friday, November 23, 2012

Swim Lessons

Now that Riker is three, we've enrolled him in swimming lessons at the Dickson pool just down the road. He seems to really enjoy the half hour lessons and it's been fun for me to see him interacting with his teacher. He does exactly what she asks of him and willingly puts his face in the water and blows bubbles. Not bad for a little boy who's hearing is getting more and more selective and who very much dislikes water on his head in the bath!

Benji, William and Riker with their instructor, Hannah.

Benji and William already knew each other before swim lessons, but it's been fun to chat with their parents while the boys are in the pool. Benji's parents were enthralled with Riker's name as they are huge Star Trek fans and most of the names on their baby name list were from that series. (Riker isn't named after the Commander but we don't mind the association and even occasionally refer to him as Number One). Then the other day I went to visit a friend and her daughter who live just down the road and who was there visiting but Benji from swim lessons and his mother.  Such a small world. 

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