Monday, October 01, 2012

Wedding Weekend

I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy from a totally wonderful weekend getaway in Hocking Hills for Heather and Aaron's LuckiWedding.

On Friday afternoon we all met for a family luncheon hosted by Aaron's mother Barbara and her husband Bill at Deagan's in Lakewood.  

Heather and Aaron look ridiculously awesome in their retro inspired attire.

Heather and Brian with Aunt Nancy

Teagan impresses us with her talent and generosity by giving Riker her drawing of Pete the Cat (one of our current favorite books) and I get a Cael cuddle.

A cheeky Ari munching a paper napkin

Cael in the sunshine

Time to say farewell before heading off on the next leg of the adventure - Edward gives Teagan a smooch

Then it was off to a stop at Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream in the Columbus North Market

And then on to our final destination, Meadow Lodge, where over thirty family members and friends were put up for the weekend celebration.  Note the hot tub on the right!

Autumn colored flowers graced the tables and complemented the trees surrounding the lodge

The ceremony outline and Heather's bouquet

Cael, Heather and Teagan enter to the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World by Iz

Teagan and Cael are given gifts - an engraved necklace and a compass/watch combination - and Heather and Aaron recite vows to the children.

Joan offers words of wisdom and the couple exchange rings and vows.  Like us, they wrote their own and they used bits and pieces from our wedding vows which was incredibly special to us.

Looking stunning and very happy!

Our little wing of the clan is looking pretty sharp too if I do say so myself :)

Love my sisters!

Family and friends mingle at the catered reception held inside and outside the lodge. Take note of Carl's three tiered cupcake stands made from cut logs. The log candle holders from our wedding graced the tables outside.

Wedding mead. Heather and Aaron are both taking the name McMillin and Heather was given the clan sash and Aaron a clan tie as part of the ceremony.

Liz and I were given the opportunity to speak briefly during the ceremony and we told Heather how gaining her as a sister was one of the best parts of becoming McMillins ourselves.

In lieu of cake, Heather and Aaron opted for six different kinds of cupcakes and mini pies including heart shaped pecan pies and chocolate espresso cupcakes with Kahlua frosting (above) along with carrot cake and lemon raspberry cupcakes and pumpkin and apple pies!

The love and attention put into this celebration was apparent in a multitude of special touches like this tree guest book with individual's finger prints and names.  Heather also made gift bags of tea and biscotti for special guests, gift bags for every child and clearly put lots of thought into crafts and activities for the wing of the lodge known as Kid Village.

Later in the evening Aaron tries his hand at spinning fire!

The tired couple, having changed into matching Just Married tshirts, gather family together so that Heather can read aloud the responses to her request for statements on what it means to be a McMillin. 
My submission: 
"Being a McMillin means being tolerant, accepting and open-minded.  To be a McMillin you must be interesting, somewhat quirky, passionate about travel, food and drink and have at least one unique (if not esoteric) hobby.  Thankfully, McMillin's embrace newcomers into the clan wholeheartedly."  
Did I mention I love this family?

In an extraordinarily special twist of fate, Heather and Aaron's wedding fell on the Harvest Moon, just as ours did ten years ago.  They played our song and we all danced before retiring either to bed or to the hot tub. 

Heather and Aaron, the weekend was spectacular.  It could be no other way given your loving preparations and the love and support surrounding you on your special day.  You are dearly loved and Aaron, we're so pleased to have you join us as one of the "outlaws!"  To you both I offer my favorite wedding toast -

May the greatest of your dreams be the least of your accomplishments.


  1. Rachel6:58 PM

    Makes me want to be a McMillin too. Where can I join?!

    1. Hm, yes, will have to think about starting a fan club or adoption program :)