Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Boys in the Backyard

In addition to the beautiful garden I wrote about yesterday, we've been enjoying lots of play time outside in this great spring weather.  Since the owner of the house we're staying at has grandchildren, it's conveniently child friendly with cupboards of toys and a swing set outside!

Riker and Ari love to climb and swing together and they seem to have designated spots on the swing.

Riker pauses from helping me photograph the flowers in the garden to chase a bug.

It was only a couple weeks ago that Ari was venturing his first wobbly steps but now he's confidently walking all over the place independently.  Still, he loves to push this little trolley around - it used to be Riker's but has been returned to us by the friends who'd borrowed it.

I just love to see how the boys interact with each other more and more as Ari grows.

Every day is full of new experiences and I'm so glad they have each other to share them!

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