Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Big Day Out

Riker and his friends Imogen and Jago all turned three on Monday October 29th!  In previous years the Octriplets had joint parties but this year each family hosted their own event.  Two of the parties were on Sunday so it was a full day packed with fun kid adventures.  The morning was spent celebrating with Imogen at the Kingston Miniature Railway where you get to ride through the outdoor railway museum on miniature steam and diesel powered model locomotives.

Riker and I must have done the ten minute train ride at least six or eight times.  He loved it!

The attraction is open to the public on the second Sunday of each month and volunteers run the trains.

There was even a teeny tiny model steam engine that could carry one or two passengers on a specially built mini track around the perimeter of the central grounds.  The operator would open a tiny door and use a very small and slender shovel to add to coal to the fire every minute or so.  Riker was completely entranced by the steam and when his short ride was over, he asked to go again and since there was no one else waiting just then, the operator obliged.  How awesome!

At $15 for an all day ticket (over age three and one adult rides free when accompanying a child) it's a great deal and we'll definitely go back.  

Then it was off to Jago's party the Farmyard Nursery, part of Mugga Lowline Stud, a working cattle farm located in south Canberra.  The barns are home to rabbits, guinea pigs, miniature horses, alpacas, sheep, chickens, cows, pigs and ducks.

Riker loved the lambs.  Then he discovered the rabbits and I couldn't drag him away even to have a chance to feed the cows!  He's clearly got a soft spot for bunnies, just like his daddy.

I wish I could remember what he had been saying in this photo, but I'm pretty sure it was something cute.

Later, the kids got to feed bread to the sheep and then bottles of milk to the lambs.

And to cap off a delightful day, we stopped at the toy store on the way home to buy a train set for a very special almost three year old.  Riker adored playing with the wooden train set at Grammy Jan and Grandpa Carl's house and we promised him that we'd buy him his own after we returned to Australia. 

Riker has spent most of his playtime since the train was acquired running the engines round and round the track.  We had to go to two toy stores to find a train set that wasn't Thomas branded.  I think the unbranded ones allow for more imaginative play and are a fraction of the cost.  I'm glad we got the basic set because he's having a great time with it and more isn't always better at this age, plus we can buy extensions as he indicates his readiness to build more complex tracks.  He loves the track too because it's in the shape of a figure eight, which if I haven't mentioned before, is his very favorite number and has been for some time.  And since he does really like Thomas, we did buy him an additional train - James, because he's red, and as you know, Riker loves red

Thanks to Imogen and Jago and families for hosting such great parties!

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