Saturday, September 08, 2012


Riker LOVES spending time with his cousins and I've tried on multiple occasions to get a photo of all of them together.  However, coercing six children ages seven and under to sit still in the same frame for even a millisecond is nearly impossible. One of them always insists on darting off or hiding their face or otherwise acting childish :) Nevertheless, I keep trying and below is a collection of the least blurry cousin photos that I've been able to capture.

Popcorn with Teagan and Cael in a movie theater/fort made from upturned couches

One way to get three of them to sit still - off to the water park with Gavin and Edward

Gavin, Teagan, Riker and Edward with Auntie Heather

Gavin and Riker curl up to watch an episode of Handy Manny

Edward, Ari and Riker

Riker finds Cael's smile button

One from each family - Edward, Riker and Cael

Another way to keep four boys in one place - bath time for Riker, Gavin, Edward and Ari
Lots of cuteness despite not being able to get all six of them in one frame. Fortunately, the professionals were able to get a decent shot at our family photo session in May so at least we've got ONE of all the cousins together!


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